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Anytime’s a good time to play a Wertheim

A Wertheim piano is an investment in your future. You can enjoy the Wertheim piano experience now.

Established 140 years ago, Wertheim pianos were produced  in Germany from 1875.Hugo Wertheim opened the Wertheim piano factory in Bendigo Street Richmond  Melbourne in 1908 and this factory was state of the art and piano technicians were brought from Germany to train the Australian piano technicians to ensure that German Wertheim piano  heritage was continued. Wertheim pianos have always been a high performance , high quality pianos. Many of these pianos take pride of place in many Australian homes and venues.

With a Wertheim piano you will enjoy a very high standard of tonal colour and precise touch.

Wertheim Pianos, for sale and distribution worldwide. Make your inquiries today!

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Learn to play piano with a top class instrument. Wertheim pianos are excellent upright pianos and baby grand pianos.

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piano for sale

Wertheim Pianos for sale and distribution worldwide