Acoustic Piano versus Digital Piano

  An acoustic piano is a traditional musical instrument that can be played in a very expressive way. It is manufactured with over 4000 components that all work together to achieve a beautiful musical experience.   An acoustic piano will be enjoyed for many years and when any of the components ware out from many…


Pianos Manufactured with Passion

Every famous piano brand started out with a big dream and a lot of passion. It takes all of this and a lot more to creat a fine masterpeace that is a piano that will be loved and enjoyed forever. When John Martin purchased the Wertheim piano brand in 2002 Wertheim pianos had already been…


Choosing a piano

You will always find Wertheim pianos with other high quality products and thats because Wertheim piano buyers are careful that they choose a piano that provides high Performance/Quality/Value
” If you’re not getting the Wertheim story you’re not getting the real story “Lexus Wertheim

How important is tone

When you are investing in a piano you should consider how long you plan to keep the piano. If you are buying the piano to keep for a long time you should carefully consider the tone of the piano. Some pianos have a very bright tone and this may be ok for a start but…


Silent Piano

Wertheim premium quality upright piano with silent piano system . This 123 CM upright piano features German Roslau strings , German solid soundboard , German hammers , 18 ply pin block , soft close fallboard, Stylish cabinet. The silent piano lets you play the piano with headphones without any one hearing you. Very simple to…


Need Help Choosing a piano

Please feel free to contact me if you need any help with buying a piano. I have had over 40 years in the piano industry with teaching , selling and manufacture. I have a general knowledge about most piano brands and models and I am happy to help you with information about any piano new…