The best pianos ever made

The best pianos ever made

Posted by John Martin on 8th Aug 2018

Have the best pianos that will ever be made already been made. Well that depends who you talk with !!!!

Some people will tell you that pianos made in Asian countries are all bad. The real truth is that some pianos that are made in Asian countries are bad and some are excellent and will challenge the best pianos that have ever been made.

Some of the workmanship that is being done in some Asian factories is excellent . I was in a factory in China recently with very highly respected international piano designer Delwin Fandrich and we experienced some of the very best piano craftsmanship we have ever seen.

This factory was manufacturing piano components for one of the most respected prestige piano factories in Europe. We were so impressed that we are getting this factory to manufacture piano components for Wertheim pianos.

This factory is owned by one of the most passionate people I have ever met and his top engineer is a man of many years experience in the international piano manufacturing industry.

This is just one example of the quality of workmanship that is being done in Asia . I also visited a piano action factory , a keyboard factory and an iron frame factory and all of these factories are manufacturing components for German and USA piano factories and it is the high quality workmanship that these factories are producing that gives German and USA pianos a good reputation.

So have the best pianos been manufactured yet ????? NO !!!! I don’t think so. In the next few years we will see technology that will improve the tone and touch of the best modern pianos and tone and touch is what elite pianists are looking for.