​The Upright Piano receives inspired attention from industry legends.

​The Upright Piano receives inspired attention from industry legends.

Posted by John Martin on 9th Sep 2018

Piano maker Wertheim has partnered with Delwin Fandrich to introduce a new series of innovative, upright pianos. Described as “ The ultimate upright piano ” these Wertheim/Fandrich instruments are astounding pianists with their quality of sound and overall design.

One of the goals of the new piano project was to improve upon the stability of the upright. Wertheim/Fandrich series pianos are built with a massive solid hardwood beam at their bottom—reinforcing the traditionally weakest part of the upright piano’s architecture. The skeleton of the Wertheim Fandrich uses traditional mortise and tenon construction, creating sturdy and seamless framework that houses the inter workings of the instrument. The string frame is also engineered from an entirely new design. Its massive bracing works perfectly with the skeleton to reinforce the strength and stability of this model. This inventive technique also serves to improve the tuning stability and tone of the instrument.

Developed over years of analysis and testing, all Wertheim/Fandrich pianos feature an impedance controlled soundboard. Their state of the art Impendance bar (or “Z-bar”) is perfectly crafted to manage precisely how the soundboard reacts to different notes as they are played. This feature eases the transition from bass to tenor, creating a continuous and well-balanced sound across every key. His unmatched layout is so unique that Delwin Fandrich was even granted a U.S. patent for his blueprints.

Each Wertheim Fandrich is fitted with brass damper barrels within the bass. While many pianos are made with wooden damper barrels, the use of brass allows for improved damper functions and control when the pianist is performing.

When purchasing a piano, artists have the option of choosing their own hammer specifications. The German custom hammers can be made with either Weikert felt for more mellow tone or Werzen felt or FFW felt for a brighter sound . We also use Abel natural felt.

Before shipment, trained professional technicians closely inspect each piano ensuring the elevated reputation of Wertheim pianos to retain their well-earned integrity within the industry. Boasting a “rich European tone, and silky smooth playing action,” these pianos are of the highest quality, serving as an investment in your future.

Wertheim Piano originated in Frankfurt, Germany where founder Hugo Wertheim then migrated his business to Melbourne, Austrailia in 1875. These instruments are famous for their ability to stay properly tuned for long periods of time with low maintenance requirements.

Delwin Fandrich possesses over 50 years of experience in designing pianos, and has worked with many famous international piano brands.