Wertheim Pianos For Sale and Distribution

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Ph: ( +61 418 350124 ) ( +61 412 568583 )

Email: info@wertheimpiano.com

www.wertheimpiano.com            www.wertheimpiano.com.cn

Wertheim Pianos are distributed by Wertheim Piano International

Email: info@wertheimpiano.com

www.wertheimpiano.com       www.wertheimpiano.com.cn

Contact John and the team at Wertheim Piano International to have a Wertheim Piano for sale in your shop. ” If you’re not getting the Wertheim story you’re not getting the real story “

There are distribution opportunities in international and Australian markets.

Wertheim pianos are 25% higher quality and 25% better value than other pianos you may be selling now. We give you the opportunity to offer the best grand piano prices and upright piano prices with Wertheim pianos.

The Wertheim Piano Program is a complete piano program for retail piano stores. We provide marketing support to make sure you get good sell-through with Wertheim pianos and to make sure your customers get the ultimate satisfaction from their Wertheim piano purchase.

” If its a watch its a Rolex , if its a car its a Bentley , If its a piano its a Wertheim … Is there really any other choice “


Wertheim Pianos For Sale and Distribution

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