Del Fandrich – At Piano Time

Del Fandrich is respected as one of the very best piano technicians and designers in the world. On Monday John Martin met with Del to discuss the new model Wertheim AW208 semi concert grand piano. This 208CM semi concert grand piano can be auditioned at Piano Time in South Melbourne .

Del explained what he has achieved with this Wertheim AW208 piano.
This piano is designed to be a lower priced alternative to a Steinway model B.

Steinway model B sells for $180,000 in the Australian market.
Wertheim AW208 sells for $45,000 in the Australian market.

While you would expect these 2 pianos to be a long way apart in quality they are not. The sound and touch on these 2 pianos are very similar and if you auditioned these 2 pianos wile blindfolded you may have a problem picking the difference.

Del Fandrich explained that the feedback from international pianists for this piano has been overwhelming and the venues and private homes that have bought this piano are delighted with the performance.

The exceptional high quality of this piano is achieved by the very clever design features of Del Fandrich and the high quality components and skilled piano technicians that build this piano.

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