Euro Series Piano, for sale and distribution worldwide

The European tone and touch is what you get with a Wertheim Euro Series piano.

Wertheim Euro series grand and upright pianos grand piano are ideal pianos for the pianist that demands the highest quality and performance.

  • Featuring :
  • German Roslau strings.. Respected as the very best quality piano strings producing the highest quality pure sounds with distinct musical character.
  • German Abel Hammers so you enjoy the very best rich European tone.
  • High quality Luo action so you enjoy the ultimate touch.
  • Wertheim Euro series grand pianos feature German solid Spruce Strunz Soundboards .Wertheim Euro series upright pianos feature solid core soundboards . The sound board must be engineered in a way that produces the ultimate tone , attack and sustain and be strong enough to withstand the down bearing of the strings and still transmit the slightest variations with great sensitivity.
  • 17 ply pin block so your piano stays in tune longer •  Heavy duty metal castors that make it easy for you to move your piano. • Solid wood keyboard for the ultimate touch • Ebony wood black keys for ultimate feel.  • Stylish Black polish cabinet that will enhance your music room.  Also available in white or wood finish stylish cabinet.

Performance , Quality , Value is what you get when you invest in a Wertheim Euro Series piano.




WE160 Black Polish

WE160 White Polish

WE148 CAB Walnut Polish

WE160 Mahogany Polish

WE170 White Polish

WE186 Black Polish


German Roslau Strings

Roslau wire is widely used by high-end piano makers because this German company produces the finest string material in the world. Only by using the best string can such a rich tonal range be achieved with a Wertheim piano.


17 Ply Pin Block

The longevity and tuning stability of any piano hinges on the quality of the pin block.  Our 17 ply pin block holds the piano in tune for sustained periods.


Ebony Wood Black Notes

Enjoy the nature feel of real ebony timber black keys. This feature adds value to your piano. 


German Strunz Sound Board ( Wertheim Euro Series Grand Pianos )

Wertheim Euro Series pianos feature world-famous Strunz soundboards, constructed from carefully chosen hundred-year-old Austrian white spruce. These fine trees are grown no lower than an altitude of 1000 meters and the lumber is cured at least ten months before it is crafted.

The Strunz Company of Germany is proud of its tradition as the most seasoned source of superior piano soundboards in the world.


German Abel Hammers

Wertheim Euro Series pianos feature high-quality hammers made in Frankenhardt, Germany by Helmut Abel. These Abel hammers are renowned by connoisseurs for being constructed with unparalleled craftsmanship, resulting in responsive hammers producing beautiful depth of sound.

Solid Agraffe

Our Agraffe system is the most efficient way to locate the string precisely for the hammer strike ensuring that you always enjoy the very best tone and volume from your Wertheim piano.


Soft Fall Board

To protect the little fingers.



Wood Trapping

Traditional piano material that is preferred by piano technicians. Eliminates squeaks and rattles through age and constant work also helps eliminate annoying hard to locate vibrations.



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