Gold Series Piano, for sale and distribution worldwide

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Teach your kids piano with a brand new Wertheim Gold Series piano. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned performer, Wertheim’s classic European tone makes it a great piano for kids, adults and everyone in between.

In 1875 when German Immigrant Hugo Wertheim arrived in Australia, it was to be the start of a new era for Australia and piano manufacturing.

Hugo imported Wertheim pianos from Germany until he opened the Wertheim piano factory at Bendigo Street, Richmond in 1908. This state of the art factory produced high quality Wertheim pianos and many of these pianos take pride of place in many Australian homes and venues. Wertheim was the piano of choice for many great performing musicians including Dame Nellie Melba and is still the piano of choice with many pianists.

Manufacturing of the Wertheim Gold Series commenced in the Young Chang piano factories in Tianjin (China) and Seoul (South Korea) and to this day, Wertheim remains proudly Australian owned. Wertheim pianos are manufactured in the very best factories to our strict Australian quality control standards using the very best materials to maintain the Wertheim European tone and touch.

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