In 1875 when German Immigrant Hugo Wertheim arrived in Australia, it was to be the start of a new era for Australia and piano manufacturing.
Hugo imported Wertheim pianos from Germany until he opened the Wertheim piano factory at Bendigo Street, Richmond in 1908. This state of the art factory produced high quality Wertheim pianos and many of these pianos take pride of place in many Australian homes and venues. Wertheim was the piano of choice for
many great performing musicians including Dame Nellie Melba.

With the introduction of radio and the effects of the great depression the Australian Wertheim factory was closed and production was moved to a state of the art Asian piano factory that has also produced pianos for Yamaha. Wertheim pianos are still manufactured in this factory to our strict Australian quality control standards using the very best materials to maintain the Wertheim European tone and touch. This factory also manufactures pianos for Steinway.

Euro Series Wertheim pianos are also manufactured in another state of the art factory using German components and these pianos are sold by select international piano specialists.Euro Series Wertheim pianos use German Strunz soundboards , German Abel hammers , German Roslau strings , Agraffe and advanced design features.You get a high grade European piano for a moderate Asian price. ” Anytime’s a good time to play a Wertheim ”  ” Excellence for a lifetime ”

Wertheim Pianos is still an Australian owned brand and Piano Time is very proud to have control of the manufacture and distribution for these great pianos for the international market. Every Wertheim piano is inspected by our Australian quality control specialists before they are shipped to our international distributors.
The re designed Wertheim W series pianos feature • Stylish cabinets • Soft fall fall boards • AA Spruce sound boards • Hard Maple pin block • Solid Agraffe system • Royal George hammers • Hard Maple premiere action • German Roslau strings • Wood trapping • Del Fandrich design vacuum process cast iron plate • Del Fandrich design extended back scale • 15 Year warranty • Every Wertheim piano is inspected by our Australian quality control specialists