Piano Disc systems can also be fitted to your very own piano or a sensational Wertheim Piano, adding another dimension of playability and enjoyment to an already fantastic product.

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It’s NEW… It’s Sensational …. Piano Disc Pro Record is the ultimate accessory for your grand or upright piano. You can do professional recordings and save your performance. Add an iPad and you can score your performance and print your score. Add a Piano Disc IQ system and you can have your piano play back your performance. Add exciting sounds to your performance like symphonic strings. The opportunities are endless and this is the most exciting advance since the introduction of the acoustic piano.

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Quiet Time V 6 Silent Piano System

Have you ever had a neighbour or a house mate that doesn’t enjoy you practicing your piano? Get a quiet time silent piano system fitted to your piano and enjoy being really popular again!!!


You get the best of both worlds. A real acoustic piano with all the benefits of a digital piano. This new product is now available from Wertheim Piano International and brings the features of an electronic piano to an acoustic piano and lets you mute a piano for a private performance.


The Magic Star V 6 system is new , it can be fitted to virtually any acoustic grand or upright piano . It features a 128 general midi sound-set, 11 preset, 128-note polyphony. It includes record and playback functions, 20 demo songs, a built-in metronome, selectable tempos, 2 headset jacks, and a graphical user interface for simple operation. Magic Star V 6 comes in a small compact retractable control unit.


This system can be fitted to your grand or upright piano. With the versatile QuietTime Magic Star V 6 system you can control the sound of your piano. At the pull of a lever, you can play your piano silently, hearing your performance exclusively through headphones. QuietTime Magic Star also lets you hear your piano through amplified speakers.



This system is also a great option if you have a lovely old piano that has passed its use by date and won’t hold tune any more. You can fit a Piano Disc Magic Star V 6 to your old piano and play it through a set of powered speakers or your home theatre system and bring dynamic NEW life to your old piano.


Pioneering groundbreaking innovations is certainly not new to PianoDisc.  PianoDisc’s patented iQ technology was the first to introduce wireless piano control that simply operates from the native controls on any smart phone or tablet (including an iPhone®, iPad®, Android®).  Having the largest music library available for player piano systems, PianoDisc then seamlessly integrated the world’s most popular media library application, iTunes®, to host, store, and play its extensive library.  Deemed “a dazzling innovation” by The Music Trades, PianoTube LIVE! was debuted at 2013 Winter NAMM, and plays a PianoDisc equipped acoustic piano in perfect synchronization with a YouTube video.


With the push of a button, ProRecord also instantly turns an acoustic piano with a mute rail into a weighted-action digital recording synthesizer with multiple piano samples. The high-quality sounds of over 100 other instruments and drum sets can be heard with headphones or even an external speaker system. The same setup allows ProRecord to also function as a silent piano. The addition of sympathetic string and damper resonance as well as a key release action sound creates an ultra-realistic piano experience.  Other highlighted features include an integrated metronome; integrated play/record with tempo change; 108 note polyphony; reverb, chorus, and delay effects; and transpose and inter-note shifts.

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