Anytime's a good time to play a Wertheim !!!!

Anytime’s a good time to play a Wertheim !!!!

Every famous piano brand started out with a big dream and a lot of passion. It takes all of this and a lot more to creat a fine masterpeace that is a piano that will be loved and enjoyed forever. When John Martin purchased the Wertheim piano brand in 2002 Wertheim pianos had already been manufactured for around 150 years and had an impeccable reputation for being a piano that represents high performance , Quality and Value. A piano that was manufactured with love.
How to you make a better Wertheim piano?
First you look at all of the pianos that are manufactured world wide.
14 years ago the pianos manufactured around the world were either very good or very bad. The good pianos were made with passion for music lovers to enjoy but they were all very expensive. The bad quality were made to be cheap and did not help create good musicians and were not a good investment.
Now in 2016 thankfully we have some very good pianos that are not to expensive and are affordable for most piano lovers and will give you many years of enjoyment and leading the way with good quality pianos that are affordable are Wertheim Pianos.
How can Wertheim Piano International manufacture a piano that is good Performance , Quality , Value ?
John Martin ( The owner of Wertheim Piano International ) recognised that China was the place to manufacture good quality pianos that are cost effective to manufacture. China manufactures famous brands like Apple computers, iPad and iPhone , Boeing aircraft , BMW , Jeep and many other famous brands . China also manufactures pianos that are sold in Germany as German manufactured pianos. When it comes to international manufacture ” It is a wise man that knows his own father”
Just because a piano has a badge that says made in Germany or made in Japan doesn’t mean it was made there. I manufacture piano components in China factories that are also manufacturing the same components for famous German and Japanese piano manufactures.
How can famous international companies manufacture these high quality products in China ?
They have good quality control and advanced international technology and they combine this with the state of the art facilities of China manufacturing.
Wertheim Piano International are proud to say that our pianos are manufactures in China and we are also proud that we use a combination of piano components that we purchase from Germany , UK , Japan , USA and China and our technology comes from USA , Australia Germany , UK , Japan and China.
We are not one of the verry low quality pianos that are manufactured in China , Malaysia , or Indonesia we give you high quality manufacture and performance that will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment and ” If you’re not getting the Wertheim story you’re not getting the real story ”
John Martin
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