Wertheim Platinum Series Pianos , for sale and distribution worldwide

If your not getting the Wertheim story your not getting the real story

Wertheim Platinum Series are a Joseph Pramberger (ex-Steinway and Sons) design and they benefit from the insight of Del Fandrich, the world’s number one piano designer. These designs grant Wertheim Platinum Series professional pianos enhanced tonal colour. Their precise touch features German-made Renner action and Abel hammers. The Platinum Series gives your kids piano lessons another dimension of enjoyment and improvement.

Play piano like you have never played before.

Platinum Series Piano, for sale and distribution worldwideSolid Spruce Soundboard

The soundboard is the most crucial element of the piano. The wood it is made from must be lightweight, yet strong and able to transmit the slightest vibrations. Solid Spruce from selected conditions has long been the premier wood for sound production. The finest AAA grade Spruce is selected for the Wertheim Platinum Series Pianos.


Acoustic-Cut Bridges

The bridge is the link between the strings and the soundboard and bears more than 454 kg of pressure from the strings. Wertheim Platinum Series use an Acoustic-cut Bridge with a superior design. Vertical lamination provides strength and stability while directing energy into the soundboard. Tapered and raised bridge sections at calculated points allow the soundboard more freedom to vibrate, creating a rich tone.

German Quality Piano Wire
Wire (Adolf bass sting, Roslau wire)

German piano wire has a long tradition of providing beautiful, pure sound with a distinct musical character. Using high quality German Adolf piano wire, the bass strings for Wertheim pianos are carefully crafted on site.

Dynamic Balance™ Platinum Touch Action
(German Renner Action)

The refined Dynamic Balance Platinum Touch Action grants a new standard in speed and response. From loud to soft, the Platinum Touch Action translates the intent of the artist with consistency.

Premium Felt for Platinum Hammers
(German Renner Hammers)

Felt is a durable fabric made by interlacing natural wool fibre in a special pressing process. Only the finest quality 100% long fibre virgin wool felt is used to create these piano hammers which allow your piano to sing .

Consulted by famous piano craft & designer Delwin D. Fandrich

Delwin is one of the world’s leading designers of pianos. His contribution to Wertheim  AW 208 Platinum series piano has resulted in a very high quality piano with a rich romantic European tone.