About John

My name is John Martin , I own Wertheim Piano International . My roll is to work with our international piano designer Delwin Fandrich and project manage manufacture and distribution for Wertheim pianos.

My interests in manufacturing musical instruments dates back to when I was 7 years old and I made a banjo. Much to my surprise , This banjo actually worked and I played songs on it .

I began working as a part time musician when I was 14 years old and I have always been an active musician playing piano , organ , drums , guitar and saxophone.

In 1970 I opened my first music shop in Swan Hill Victoria and later expanded to Deniliquin , Albury and Bendigo. I also was a partner in a piano workshop in Melbourne.

In 1996 I formed the World of Music marketing and buying group and grew this business to 52 stores in Australia and 12 in New Zealand.

With World of Music I worked with Australian and New Zealand musical instrument wholesalers and retailers and set up marketing programs and business programs to enhance the opportunities in the musical instrument industry.

In 2002 I purchased the Wertheim piano business and began piano manufacture in Korea and China . Also using components and technology from Germany and USA.

Wertheim pianos were originally manufactured in Germany in 1875 and Wertheim also opened a state of the art piano factory in Melbourne in 1908.

Being a great Performance/quality/Value piano with German heritage and an Australian owned company Wertheim pianos started selling in to international markets in 2010.

Wertheim continue to further develop new piano designs that enhance the customer experience with Wertheim pianos.

After 50 years working in the piano industry I still have fire in my belly to keep developing Wertheim pianos for piano lovers to get more enjoyment and satisfaction from their music.

I believe that music changes peoples life's and if you're not getting as much as you would like from your life...... Best to add more music.

" Anytime's a good time to enjoy a Wertheim "