Wertheim Piano USA information

Wertheim Piano USA information

Posted by Larry Fine " The Piano Book " on 27th Sep 2019 web is all about Wertheim Piano in Australia.For our Wertheim friends in USA , here is a link with US$ pricing … read more
Shipping pianos to exotic places

Shipping pianos to exotic places

Posted by John Martin on 12th Sep 2019

When we ship Wertheim pianos too exotic places we ship them in custom made wooden crates. This Wertheim piano is on its way to a loving home in Norfolk Island. If you are shipping a piano anywhere ov … read more

Major technology changes

Posted by Brian J Majeske on 29th Aug 2019

Over the years musicians and music lovers have enjoyed huge developments in the way music music is listened to.This recent article in music industry communication is very good reading :Woodstock, Apol … read more

For our Chinese friends

Posted by Tina and Johnston on 15th Jul 2019

John,非常感谢你们多年以来的支持与帮助,沃特海姆我们卖的很好并且我们的客户们和老师们都非常认可沃特海姆的音色及大气的外观,这么多年和您还有linna合作我们非常愉快。 … read more