Upgrade your Piano Disc system

11th Jun 2019

PianoDisc Prodigy Upgrades Upgrading an older PianoDisc Player Piano system is a great way to “Bring Your Piano to Life” again! PianoDisc’s Prodigy technology offers wireless operation utiliz … read more

Compare Wertheim to Yamaha

Posted by John Martin on 20th May 2019

The piano Delwin Fandrich designed for professional pianists. Wertheim/Fandrich WF125

Impedance Controlled Soundboard

Posted by Delwin Fandrich on 22nd Apr 2019

When most people meet this piano for the first time they are puzzled by the rather busy-looking soundboard design of the Wertheim WF-125. This design is based on development work I did in the 1990s an … read more

How does Music effect your brain !!!!!

Posted by Unknown on 15th Apr 2019

WAKING UP. WORKING out. Riding the bus. Music is an ever-present companion for many of us, and its impact is undeniable. You know music makes you move and triggers emotional responses, but how and why … read more
New standards with manufacturing Wertheim pianos

New standards with manufacturing Wertheim pianos

Posted by John Martin on 19th Feb 2019

Our Wertheim/Fandrich series have changed the way we manufacture our pianos and these pianos are world class and will challenge any piano in the world...... But we have not changed the reason we make … read more