Re-thinking short grand pianos

Posted by Delwin Fandrich on 18th Feb 2019

Taking a fresh look at short grands and their role in today’s piano market By Delwin D Fandrich It is an unpleasant reality that the piano market in most of the Western world has been shrinking … read more

What you should know about Wertheim/Fandrich pianos

Posted by John Martin on 15th Aug 2018

Do you want to know how Wertheim/Fandrich series are very different to a traditional piano.Wertheim/Fandrich Series Pianos. More like a grand than an uprightSkeletonThe skeleton is the foundation of t … read more
Choosing the right piano !!!!

Choosing the right piano !!!!

Posted by John Martin on 8th Aug 2018

Wertheim pianos are lovingly hand crafted by real people for real musicians to give you the ultimate Performance , Quality and Value.Wertheim piano was established in Germany in 1875 and has always fo … read more