Grand Piano on The Block 2022

Posted by John Martin on 20th Sep 2022

The Story Behind the Piano on THE BLOCK 2022

Background: Each Season, The Block Contestants seem to achieve greater and greater heights with their creativity and ability to include the latest technology and style in appliances and decor for beautiful living. It's hot competition and everyone is looking out for that Piece that will WOW the judges and take their room to another level.

This year, Blockheads Omar and Oz in House 5 have gone "ALL OUT" with the sensational Wertheim Self-Playing Grand Piano. A grand piano has style and grandeur and is a "classic" furniture piece for music lovers. This piano is a little different. It has a Piano Disc Prodigy system. The piano comes with an I-pad that has all your favourite music. You can select the music you want to enjoy, push play and the piano comes to life with live piano playing - without the piano player! 

Choose from a selection of classical, pop, singalong, or dance along music. It even has Karaoke for the "Party People" to enjoy. You can add vocal and orchestral music with the JBL soundbar and sub-woofer speaker system that's included. Have Michael Buble, Stevie Wonder or Rod Stewart in your Living Room any night of the week!

A touch of Musical Magic - The traditional Acoustic piano meets the best in technology making a sophisticated and elegant furniture focal point for the room.

The piano we are featuring on THE BLOCK is a Wertheim W160 baby grand in black polish. This piano also features the Piano Disc Prodigy player system, Pro Record recording system and silent piano system. This system is great value at $34,950. The piano is professionally installed into your home and includes in home tuning. Another option is for you to purchase the same piano with the Piano Disc Prodigy playing system without the Pro Record recording system and silent piano system. This system is great value at $28,995. Best if we talk on the phone and discuss the options and delivery schedule. My phone contact is 0418 350124 Wertheim Piano can offer you better value than other piano shops. We don’t just sell pianos …We also manufacture pianos.... Yours in Harmony, John Martin

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See Omar & Oz's Living Room with the Wertheim Grand Piano