How much does a grand piano cost ?????

How much does a grand piano cost ?????

Posted by John Martin on 15th Mar 2021

A lot of people that ask “ How much does a grand piano cost ? “ They are really surprised when I tell them.

Most people will be thinking a grand piano will cost a lot.

Reality is a really nice grand piano is really affordable for most people.

Sure if you want the most expensive Steinway grand you will need a lot of money , but a really nice new Wertheim grand piano can be yours for around $12,995.

A grand piano is nicer to play than an upright piano because the piano action works on gravity where an upright piano works on springs so a grand piano is more responsive.

This means the piano player enjoys much nicer touch.

With a grand piano you can adjust the lid and direct the sound to where you want it to go and this is very pleasing for the piano player.

A grand piano will produce a fuller tone than an upright and the piano player will feel like they are playing in a concert hall. This motivates the piano player.

Now we have talked about touch and tone and this comes from a well designed and crafted grand piano. Wertheim piano are leaders in Piano technology and work with the best piano designers/ Engineers / craft people and factories.

With every piano we produce we focus on pianos that deliver Performance/Quality/Value.

Another benefit of a grand piano is that it can be placed in any position in your music room. It will look good in a corner, in the middle of a room or up against a wall. A grand piano will enhance any room.