How often does your piano need tuning?

How often does your piano need tuning?

Posted by John Martin on 8th Nov 2021

Keep your piano in tune to make better music!

Fun fact: Pianos are easier to tune, stay in better condition, and maintain their value more easily when they are tuned regularly!

Pianos need regular tuning at least once a year to keep them up to pitch and playing the correct notes. What's more, pianos used for teaching and in other high-use situations will benefit from more frequent tuning. ( Best if tuned all east 2  times each year ) 

If not tuned and checked on a regular basis, touch and performance will be compromised. Regularly tuning a piano corrects the instrument’s tone, preserves the life of the instrument, and helps to prevent irreversible damage to the piano.

It's not just the piano that will be compromised! Playing on an out-of-tune piano can actually negatively affect your musical technique and aural skills. Students cannot develop a good sense of pitch if they’re constantly hearing notes that are out of tune, and that's what happens when you practice regularly on an out-of-tune piano.

In its first year, your piano should be tuned twice; once at the showroom before delivery, and once in your home. When you invest in a new piano you should expect it to go through a settling down or 'playing-in' period, this varies with the quality of the piano and the amount of use the piano gets. The felts and leather parts of the action gradually compress with playing and the strings also go through a stretching and settling-in period.

A good piano technician will have many years of training and experience and be a reliable sources of information for all areas of piano care. Your qualified piano tuner will be happy to advise you.

Love is a 2 way thing ... love your piano and your piano will love you!

If you would like more info about caring for your piano, John will be more than happy to help you.


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