Piano Practice Tips for Families

Piano Practice Tips for Families

1st Dec 2021

Help your kids to enjoy their piano practice

It's lovely to have your children learning the piano and to see them enjoying making music. It's not so much fun when they get bored with the practice routine or argue over whose turn it is to use the piano!

Here are some tips to help families to create a fun and supportive learning environment. As with many learning activities, success comes slowly over a long period. There is a lot that parents can do to in the early years to encourage their children to stick with it.

Encourage Your Kids to Play the Piano Together!

Playing music together can bring a great sense of joy and family unity. With a little planning and creativity, sharing a piano together can be part of the fun. Encourage your children to sit down at the piano and improvise, perform for each other, or play a duet.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Make a practice schedule, choosing a consistent time of day for piano practice. Encourage your children to establish a daily practice routine, and reward them when they do well. Aim for a small amount of practice per week, and then increase the challenge!

Get a Second Keyboard!

Are there multiple piano students in your house, and competition over the family piano? Having a second instrument allows for two students to practice piano at the same time. Wertheim Pianos also sells a range of silent acoustic pianos that can be played with headphones, so students can practice at the same time without disturbing each other, or early in the morning and late at night without disturbing the neighbours!