Piano Tuners Guild honours John Martin

Piano Tuners Guild honours John Martin

6th Dec 2021

40 years of service to piano tuners and technicians celebrated

This week an award arrived in the mail for our wonderful CEO John Martin, in recognition of his ongoing contribution to the Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild of Victoria.

This award celebrates John's consistent support for piano tuners and technicians in the Australian music industry for the past 40 years!

The Piano Tuners and Technicians Guild is a non-profit international organization of professional piano service specialists, that sets the standards for piano tuners and technicians in Australia, and regularly conducts training to ensure that its members are of the highest standard. Through its workshops, newsletters and bi-annual conventions, the Guild is the leading source of continuing education in the piano service field.

These piano tuners meet regularly and are an extremely highly motivated group of professionals. They love what they do and they do it very well.

Have you ever considered how many people have contributed to your Wertheim Piano experience? Piano tuners, piano designers, piano manufacturers, piano distributors, and piano teachers all work together to provide the beautiful experience of enjoying playing the piano.

John has always said that music changes peoples lives, and if you're not getting as much as you would like from your life … best to add more music with a Wertheim piano!

Congratulations John!

- From the Wertheim Piano team.