Should you invest in an acoustic piano , a digital piano or a hybrid piano

Should you invest in an acoustic piano , a digital piano or a hybrid piano

Posted by John Martin on 8th Aug 2018

An acoustic piano is a traditional musical instrument that can be played in a very expressive way. It is manufactured with over 4000 components that all work together to achieve a beautiful musical experience.

An acoustic piano will be enjoyed for many years and when any of the components ware out from many years of playing these components can be replaced and your piano will be like new again. So an acoustic piano is a lifetime investment.

A digital piano is manufactured with electronic components so it is less expensive that an acoustic piano. If electronic components fail to work after a few years and these components have become obsolete then your digital piano is like a microwave oven that has stopped working and you will have to replace it.

A Hybrid piano is a combination of acoustic piano and digital piano and has the many advantages of both acoustic and digital pianos.

The benefits of a digital piano are :

Less expensive than an acoustic piano.

You can play with headphones and you won’t disturb your house mates.

Easier to move if you move house.

Can be connected with technology eg computer

Never needs tuning.

The benefits of an acoustic piano are :

It’s a real authentic musical instrument.

Nicer to play.

Enhances any music room.

You will develop better piano technique.

An investment for a life