Wertheim Fandrich Series | WF125 Professional Upright Piano

11th Sep 2019

This is not an ordinary upright piano. This hand crafted piano is designed by the master of tone, Delwin Fandrich.

No other piano in the world offers this advanced technology and build quality.

  • Exclusive Fandrich designed String Frame provides maximum tuning stability.
  • Exclusive Fandrich designed mortise and tenon Skeleton provides maximum strength and soundboard support.
  • Exclusive Fandrich designed pinblock helps the tuner give you a more precise and stable tuning.
  • Exclusive Fandrich designed floating Soundboard with its revolutionary Z-Bar and rib technology gives you the ultimate in tone quality and acoustical balance.
  • The Full Agraffe system ensures a clean and efficient string termination along with precise string spacing.
  • Exclusive Fandrich designed Vertical Hitch Pin system gives precise control of string bearing and lets the soundboard resonate more freely.
  • The longer keys in the Wertheim/Fandrich pianos give you better control over the action and a more consistent touch weight.
  • You enjoy nicer touch no matter where your fingers strike the keys.
  • The premium Wertheim/Fandrich series feature German Renner or USA WNG actions and German Renner or German custom ABEL hammers.

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