Buying a Piano

An easy guide to Buying a Piano Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things, and the process of buying an acoustic piano is just one of those things. 

Many people are now purchasing their piano on line. The bonus is that without expensive shops to run, we can provide even better value for money, and you don't have to feel pressured by pushy salespeople. You can be in control.

Buying a Wertheim Piano is easy online - just look at what our customers have said. But how do you tell the difference between our models? Download this free checklist that will help you through the process.

Step One - Knowing what you need

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Types of Acoustic Pianos: Do you need a grand piano or an upright piano? A lot of people don't even consider a grand piano, thinking they are too big and expensive, not realising that grand pianos come in a range of sizes. A grand piano may not take up as much space as you think and it gives you a different sound and feel. Grand pianos are certainly a better choice for the more advanced students because some of the advanced repertoire requires a grand piano.

Size: Size is not just about if the piano will fit in your space, but also about how the piano will sound in your room. A larger room will need a larger piano for the sound to fill the space. A larger piano also gives a greater depth of sound which is more satisfying for the pianist, even in a smaller room.

Check the Wertheim product descriptions. All measurements are on our product listings so you can get an idea of how they'll fit into your room. The number in our product descriptions is usually the height in cm for upright pianos or the length in cm of grand pianos. This makes it easy for you to know what sized piano you're dealing with.The decor of your room also effects the sound. In a room with heavy drapes and carpeting, a piano will sound more mellow than in a room with hard surfaces and floors.

At Wertheim, we are only a phone call away with guidance on the right piano for you and your space. We have years of experience providing Wertheim Pianos to music lovers all over Australia and overseas. We're able to guide you through the process of finding the right piano for you.

Step two - Choosing your Brand & Retailer

Reputation is important - not just the reputation of the brand, but also the retailer selling you the piano.

Make sure you know the history of the piano you're buying and be sure who you are buying it from has a good reputation and longevity in the piano industry. This will ensure a good purchase and after-sales service.

Wertheim is a German heritage, Australian owned piano brand. Wertheim pianos were originally produced in Germany from 1875 and then were manufactured in a state of the art piano factory in Melbourne in what is now Wertheim Street, Richmond, from 1908.

Wertheim Pianos have always been a popular all-purpose piano often found in homes, schools , venues and public halls. They have a reputation for requiring little maintenance, and Dame Nellie Melba frequently requested they be used during her performances.

Post World War II, Wertheim Pianos fell on hard times before being revived by John Martin in 2002, and to this day Wertheim Pianos remains proudly Australian owned.

Wertheim Pianos are now produced in state of the art factories using the best materials from around the world, including top German products in premium models. Our fantastic team includes the world’s leading piano designer Delwin Fandrich, the hard working factory staff and other well-respected leaders in the piano industry.

The result is that Wertheim Piano customers enjoy 25% better quality, performance and value than our competitors (based on customer feedback). Many people have enjoyed the rich European tone of a Wertheim Piano, to which no other piano compares for the same price.

Warranty: Wertheim pianos come with a 10 year warranty and a lifetime of enjoyment.

Step Three - Refining your choices & final selection

Tone, Touch & Colour. These choices - sometimes made in the store, can also be made online.

Tone: Tone is the quality of sound. Our videos are just like being in a physical store selecting your new piano. The rich, European quality of the piano tone you hear on our videos is what was naturally recorded where the piano was played - no enhancements. Each model has variations in tone.

  • We suggest viewing the videos on a computer that has good speakers or through your headphones (if you're watching on your smartphone).
  • Tone also relates to how the piano sounds in your room. Each room is different. In rooms with heavy carpets and drapes your piano will sound very mellow while wood or tiled floors and lots of glass and shiny walls will make your piano sound brighter.
  • Once your piano is in place, we will use a process known as voicing to give your piano the perfect tone for you.

Touch: This is something that less experienced pianists find difficult to judge when they try different pianos.

The virtuosity and amazing dynamic contrast that the pianists express in our videos clearly demonstrates that the mechanical action in Wertheim pianos is even, responsive and world-class. Our pianos are designed by the best in the business and are manufactured with love and care so that your piano will always have the touch that you enjoy.

  • Note: Pitch is the tuning of the piano. A well constructed piano that has been tuned by a highly skilled tuner should stay in tune providing your piano is in a room with a stable climate. Wertheim pianos are embraced by piano tuners and technicians for their stability. They've been tested over time.

Colour: All Wertheim pianos come in traditional black polish, which matches any decor and style. Special orders are available for White, Wine Red (some like to call mahogany) and Walnut.

Our piano range has a piano for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

Step 4 - Accessories & Extras

Make sure you know what's included in the price of your piano. This is where a piano purchase in a physical store can get expensive, but when buying your piano online with Wertheim, there's no need to worry.

All Wertheim pianos come with a matching piano stool, castor cups to protect your floor and a cover.

Delivery is Free Australia-wide (conditions apply). See if you qualify HERE. You can even get an estimate of the delivery date before you buy.

We will also tune your piano once it's been delivered.

The only accessory you need to pay for is PIANO DISC if you want this option.

Step 5 - Payment

As soon as you've paid for your Wertheim piano, you'll receive a receipt listing everything included in your piano purchase. The piano Carriers will be booked and you'll be on your way to playing your Wertheim piano at your place.

We love Wertheim pianos and we're happy to talk to anyone about these pianos.

We know if you buy one, you will love Wertheim pianos too.


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