Buying a Piano

Buying a Piano Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we do a lot of things, and the process of buying a piano is just one of those things. The bonus is that without expensive shops to run, we can be provide even better value for money.

Buying a Wertheim Piano is easy, just look at what out customers have said, but how do you tell the difference between our models?

In short, we are only a phone call away for guidance and the peace of mind that you are dealing with real people and will get a Wertheim Piano and not a copy. We are able to guide you through the process and find the right piano for you.

We also provide many pictures and videos of our pianos and are proud to show you more. Our pianos also come with a 10 year warranty and a lifetime of enjoyment. We will also tune your piano once it has been delivered.

We love Wertheim pianos and we happy to talk to anyone about these pianos. We know if you buy one, you will love Wertheim pianos too.

What to ask about?

  • Regulation… Regulation controls how the piano feels, the touch the musician experiences. Our pianos are designed by the best in the business and are manufactured with love and care so that your piano will always have the touch that you enjoy.
  • Tone… Tone relates to how the piano sounds in your room. Each room is different, rooms with heavy carpets and drapes your piano will sound very mellow while wood or tiled floor and lots of glass and shiny walls will make your piano will sound brighter. Once your piano is in place, we will use a process known as voicing to give you a piano with the perfect tone for you.
  • Pitch… Pitch is the tuning of the piano. A well constructed piano that has been tuned by a highly skilled tuner should stay in tune providing your piano is in a room with a stable climate.

Why a Wertheim Piano

Wertheim is a German heritage, Australian owned piano brand. They were originally produced in Germany from 1875 and then were manufactured in a state of the art piano factory in Melbourne in what is now Wertheim Street, Richmond, from 1908.

Wertheim Pianos have always been a popular all-purpose piano often found in homes, schools and public halls. They have a reputation for requiring little maintenance, and Dame Nellie Melba frequently requested they be used during her performances.

Post World War II, Wertheim Pianos fell on hard times before being revived by John Martin in 2002, and to this day Wertheim Pianos remains proudly Australian owned.

Wertheim Pianos are now produced in state of the art factories using the best materials from around the world, including top German products in premium models. Our fantastic team includes the world’s leading piano designer Delwin Fandrich, the hard working factory staff and many other leaders in the piano industry.

The result is Wertheim Piano customers enjoy 25% better quality, performance and value than our competitors (based on customer feedback). Many people have enjoyed the rich European tone of a Wertheim Piano, to which no other piano compares for the same price.

Our piano range has a piano for everyone, from beginners to professionals.

“Anytime’s a good time to play a Wertheim”
Performance… Quality… Value… Hear the quality… Discover the Value!

What out Customers say

  • “Since buying a brand new Wertheim Euro Series WE-133, my playing has improved by miles. The action is fantastic, the classic European tone is amazing and it can seriously hold its own against pianos worth two or three times the price.”
  • “I regularly play concerts and this piano has proven a vital tool in improving my playing both at home, at rehearsal and on the stage. I've had world renowned concert musicians either visit or rehearse and all of them have been impressed. A couple of them even went as far as saying the tone is as good as any concert grand.”
  • “It is a great thing to see this German heritage proud and world-renowned Australian brand continuing to make quality pianos to this day. I couldn't be happier to own one.”
  • “As a concert pianist it is vitally important to trust your piano of choice and know that it will support you when it counts. The Wertheim pianos are a pleasure to play. They have a gorgeous, rich tone, a very even touch, with a responsive repetitive action. They maintain their tuning for a long time. I would be very happy to play on a Wertheim for any occasion… an intimate setting, a corporate lunch or in a concert hall for thousands of people.”
  • “I’ve been involved in the piano industry for more than 25 years as a Piano Technician and have always had close involvement with retailing pianos over that time. So I have experience with quite a few brands, some very well known, some lesser known, some nice in some ways and some downright awful. This is not an uncommon experience in our industry.”
  • “It was after a bad experience with a brand I would rather forget that I found Wertheim pianos and John Martin’s fabulous marketing campaign. This was a fantastic opportunity, great quality pianos, great backup, wonderful marketing support and a dedication to ongoing improvements in design and build quality and lastly but by no means least, great dealer and customer support.”
  • “We have been involved with John and Wertheim pianos since November 2006 and if we were impressed then, we remain truly impressed now, even more so. The pianos have gradually been getting better, quality control remains first class. The pianos unpack beautifully and setup is very easy with minimal regulation and effortless tuning.”
  • “The newly Delwin Fandrich inspired design work of Wertheim WF series pianos are better than ever. Improved scale design, hammer design, soundboard and bridge design all add up to a high quality product that competes easily against all the usual contenders out there. Actually, considering tone quality alone would be enough, but with great dealer support, industry leading guarantees and competitive pricing makes Wertheim a hands down winner in our opinion.”
  • We are thrilled to have this opportunity and will continue to delight our customers with these amazing pianos for as long as we’re in business

‘Wertheim – Quality for a lifetime’

John: “Piano Lovers are always welcome to call me. I have more than 50 years of experience with piano design, manufacture and sales.”