Distribution Opportunities


 If you are serious about selling good quality pianos that are great value you should consider the benefits of selling Wertheim pianos in your piano market.

 Wertheim Piano International are seeking retailers, piano teachers and agents that are looking for pianos that represent   PERFORMANCE / QUALITY / VALUE.

 Exclusive distribution areas can be discussed. This will make Wertheim you highest profit piano business.

 Achievable MOQ

 3 levels of pianos to suit international markets

 Wertheim W series are good quality entry level pianos

Wertheim WE Series are good quality mid level pianos

 Wertheim/Fandrich Series are Delwin Fandrich designed pianos. These pianos feature many new unique designs and are exciting for high performance piano buyers that demand high end performance pianos.                     WeChat   WertheimPianos

             “ If you’re not getting the Wertheim story you’re not getting the real story “