About PianoDisc

Do you love piano music?  PianoDisc offers a range of options to enhance your playing experience or to enjoy piano music without playing!


The PianoDisc Prodigy Player System is the is the ultimate entertainment add-on for your piano. Sing along as the piano plays live, play along while your favourite artist sings, or sit back and relax while the sound of live piano music fills your home or venue. A piano player system turns your regular piano into a self-playing piano. Imagine how your friends will react when they see you have a piano that plays itself!



Magic Star Silent Piano is the solution for when you want to practise without disturbing those around you, or when you need to record and play back. A real productivity booster when you are learning, composing or song-writing. The silent piano is becoming increasingly popular with people who live in apartments or who share accommodation with others.



The Pro Record also offers the record and play back feature. This is perfect for piano teachers, piano students, music schools, composers and song writers.

Find out which PianoDisc system is right for you in the table below. Piano Disc is available in all or our Wertheim Pianos. 

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PianoDisc features comparison chart 

  Magic Star Silent Piano Pro-Record Recording System Prodigy Player System
  • As you play, the piano’s response to your touch is saved as a digital MIDI file.
  • Piano plays the recorded digital file, reproducing every aspect of the musician’s touch.
  • The piano is silenced while the optical sensors enable you to hear what you are playing through headphones
  • Piano self-plays from an extensive library of solos and songs, covering all eras and styles. Live piano, with the tone of an acoustic instrument and the touch of the world’s most accomplished piano players.
  • Controlled wirelessly from your iphone, ipad or Android device.
  • Can be bought with a new Wertheim piano or retro-fitted to any piano.
  • Perfect for: 
Piano learners, piano players living close to others, retirement centres, composers and song-writers Piano teachers, piano learners, music schools, places of worship, composers and song-writers Homes, hotels, Reception lounges, aged care, retirement centres, places of worship , music schools and anywhere where people want to have a good time