Rebecca Chambers

As a concert pianist it is vitally important to trust your piano of choice and know that it will support you when it counts. The Wertheim pianos are a pleasure to play. They have a gorgeous, rich tone, a very even touch, with a responsive repetitive action. They maintain their tuning for a long time. I would be very happy to play on a Wertheim for any occasion… an intimate setting, a corporate lunch or in a concert hall for thousands of people.

Graeme Harvey ARPT

I’ve been involved in the piano industry for more than 25 years as a Piano Technician and have always had close involvement with retailing pianos over that time. So I have experience with quite a few brands, some very well known, some lesser known, some nice in some ways and some downright awful. This is not an uncommon experience in our industry.

It was after a bad experience with a brand I would rather forget that I found Wertheim pianos and John Martin’s fabulous marketing campaign. This was a fantastic opportunity, great quality pianos, great backup, wonderful marketing support and a dedication to ongoing improvements in design and build quality and lastly but by no means least, great dealer and customer support.

We have been involved with John and Wertheim pianos since November 2006 and if we were impressed then, we remain truly impressed now, even more so. The pianos have gradually been getting better, quality control remains first class. The pianos unpack beautifully and setup is very easy with minimal regulation and effortless tuning.

The newly Delwin Fandrich inspired design work of Wertheim WF series pianos are better than ever. Improved scale design, hammer design, soundboard and bridge design all add up to a high quality product that competes easily against all the usual contenders out there. Actually, considering tone quality alone would be enough, but with great dealer support, industry leading guarantees and competitive pricing makes Wertheim a hands down winner in our opinion.

We are thrilled to have this opportunity and will continue to delight our customers with these amazing pianos for as long as we’re in business.

‘Wertheim – Quality for a lifetime’

Graeme Harvey ARPT
163 Devon Street East
New Plymouth NZ

From Harry E W Smith

I can certainly speak positively for Wertheim.

I am most impressed with the quality of this instrument that I use, not only for my own pleasure, but to teach others on.

My recent purchase of this fine instrument is certainly vindicated.

The finish is superb. The soft fall lid is an excellent feature.

All in all a very fine instrument that I can certainly extol the virtues of.

I would quite happily give a personal recommendation to any prospective purchaser.

Yours sincerely,
Harry E W Smith, E.D., A.D.M.
Dip Health Couns
Medical Register of Australia

Roger Turney

I would like to express my thanks to Wertheim on my recent purchase of a Wertheim upright piano . I had done a lot of research on pianos before my purchase from Wertheim and have been thoroughly impressed by the quality, value, sound, timbre and overall pianistic qualities of the Wertheim. It is a beautiful sounding instrument that my family and I enjoy playing.

I am a Materials Engineer by profession and have been an amateur Piano Technician for a number of years. The Wertheim is an excellent engineered product and a delight from a Piano Technician’s perspective to work on.

R.G Uthmeyer

When I did my research before buying a piano I found the Wertheim grand piano had a much higher quality tone than other pianos that I listened to.I am very impressed with this piano and Piano Disc system and I recommend Wertheim fitted with a Piano Disc system as a great investment.

Chris Wilson - Chris Wilson Recordings

I run a recording studio and I invested in a Wertheim pianos for studio and personal use.

I am extremely pleased with the piano ,with its tone ,tuning stability and timbre.

It is as good or better than pianos twice the price.