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W160 BP
November 2019
Sensational small grand piano to give you the ultimate excitement and satisfaction for a lifetime

Expected release date is November 2019

This Wertheim W160 grand piano is an excellent choice to excite and satisfy a grand piano buyer.

•  German Roslau strings, Respected as the very best quality piano strings that give you the highest quality piano tone and musical character.

•  German FFW hammer felt, So you enjoy European tone.

•  Advanced technology action, So you enjoy the ultimate touch.

•  Advanced technology solid core soundboard, So you enjoy the ultimate tone , attack and sustain.

•  Solid wood keyboard with Ebony wood black keys, So you enjoy the ultimate feel.

•  17 ply pin block, So your piano stays in tune longer.


This piano is an investment for your lifetime with rich European tone and a beautiful touch that will encourage and motivate you to play this piano more

This piano has a 10 year factory warranty