Wertheim Upright Piano Gold Series W121 BP

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Wertheim Upright Piano Gold Series W121 BP

Wertheim W121 BP (Black Polish) is an excellent piano for performance and durability. You will enjoy really nice tone and touch.

• German Roslau strings. Respected as the very best quality piano strings producing the highest quality pure sounds with distinct musical character.

• German FFW hammer felt so you enjoy rich European tone.

• High quality action so you experience the ultimate touch.

• Solid Core soundboard The sound board must be engineered in a way that produces the ultimate tone, attack and sustain and be strong enough to withstand the down bearing of the strings and still transmit the slightest variations with great sensitivity.

• 17 ply pin block so your piano stays in tune longer

• Brass castors makes it easy to move your piano

• Wood trapping and mute rail to give you the feel of a high quality piano

• Stylish Black polish cabinet that will enhance your music room.

• Resin black keys. Includes stool, castor cups, Piano cover and keyboard cover.

A great piano to get you started.

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