Wertheim W160 Black Polish Baby Grand

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W160 BP
The enjoyment is waiting for you.

This Wertheim Baby Grand is big on performance featuring German FFW hammer felt , Renner style high performance action , Solid wood keyboard , German Rosler strings , New technology Wertheim Solid Core Sound board. These features give you high performance sound and touch.The stylish Black Polish will enhance any music room. When you invest in a Wertheim grand piano you get Performance / Quality / Value..... If you're not getting the Wertheim story you're not getting the real story.


Wertheim piano was established in Germany in 1875 . In 1908 Hugo Wertheim opened a state of the art piano factory in Melbourne. In 2002 John Martin acquired the Wertheim Piano business and commenced piano assembly in Korea and China using the very best piano components from Germany , USA , Japan , Korea and China. Wertheim also works with USA guru piano designer Mr Delwin Fandrich as well as famous piano designers from Australia , Korea , Germany , China and New Zealand.

Wertheim piano is proudly Australian owned with strong German Heritage.